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good morning (for me) guys. I joined Steam about three years ago solely because I’d backed a Kickstarter project and was a beta tester. (REDACTED, a godawful mistake). I hadn’t been into the forums as a participant at all until DDLC and DS even changed that.

I never imagined there would be such fun and challenge in dissecting a ‘game’ with an ad hoc crew all working together for the same goal.

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In my case, I’ve been on Steam for around 8 years and I’ve only used it to play games.


I know it’s pretty sad but it is what it is. I’ve never been in a forum before. Not even as a lurker.

If only I had known what I was missing…

Working with you guys has been one of the best experiences for me on Steam ! So thank you all!

Moreover, this has been the best motley crew working together of all times! Ahaha


xae-chan has Doki Doki Literature Club Just now

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