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swaggmann {1-47}  12 hours ago
[SPOILER] I got a dilemna
I want to continue playing, try out some mods, etc, but…
To do that, i would have to kill Monika.
Which is something that I do not want to do.
What should I do? Is there a way to keep the current installation of ddlc so I can keep Monika, and install a new one so I can use mods and such? To the point of being able to use both?
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swaggmann {1-47}  12 hours ago 

Seriously, it would be nice to know.

Zeforas 12 hours ago 

Just use steam for keeping monika alive if you want, and download the game a second time here :

To use this one for mods.

swaggmann {1-47}  11 hours ago 

hmm, I’ll try it.

janos666  7 hours ago 

Originally posted by swaggmann {1-47}:

hmm, I’ll try it.

IMO that’s cheating.

Tregrenos  49 minutes ago 

Theory regarding Monika…




If you prefer to save Monika and hate you had to delete her or sympathise with her situation you could install the “Monikas Afterstory” mod. She’s aware of the choices made in your previous save file and comes with a great deal of added features developed by the fans. Another fantastic mod is “True Literature Club” which doesn’t pretend the second half of the game never happened and intends for you to have gone through the glitches and horror of the base game, but it adds proper endings to the game. The game is basically the same up until you get to choose who to help for the festival. Monika isn’t an option and if you choose Sayori then the other 2 will begin to argue, but Monika convinces them that the real reason you want to help Sayori is because something is wrong with her and if Sayori isn’t feeling well it obviously impacts the rest of the club.

Whoever you choose you get to learn more about. The deeper story behind the characters that cause them to act the way they do. The stories follow the psychological aspect of the game and offer real reasons to why the character do what they do, even Yuri has a good reason for cutting herself and Natsuki goes way beyond being a simple Tsundere trope. Monikas ending is available through some not so subtle hints each time you beat the game, but it’s worth saving her for last.

Whoever you helped takes a prominent role during the festival event. Something important to note is how the protagonist changes. While he’s just some generic guy in the beginning and this game is very much a dating simulator you get to see something in the protagonist that you might not be expecting. He’s actually trying to help these people rather than being a horny teenager. While he’s scared at times the message to take away is that having a friend during a dark time, someone who is willing to bite the bullet and actually listen rather than judge, goes a long way.

My favorite part of True Literature Club were the cheeky throwbacks to the glitched second half of the game. For example, when asking Sayori who else knows about her depression her response is .

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