Monika & others

Okay, everyone.

We all love our Easter Eggs. Ahaha, but this is the Literature Club, after all. We’re not boring and dull, you know. Sometimes we have cupcakes, with or without tea. And we recognize that manga is literature, too. The feisty one won’t let us forget that! Ahahaha.

Everyone contributes in some way. Yuri brought in that portrait of … something or other. When Sayori walks in, she brings the sunshine and the mood brightens.

We write our poems and share them. Sometimes the discussions are robust. Ahaha.

As club president, I have to set an example, so here’s my poem for today:


Hole in Wall (Part One)

It couldn’t have been me.
See, the direction the spackle protrudes.
A noisy neighbor? An angry boyfriend? I’ll never know. I wasn’t home.
I peer inside for a clue.
No! I can’t see. I reel, blind, like a film left out in the sun.
But it’s too late. My retinas.
Already scorched with a permanent copy of the meaningless image.
It’s just a little hole. It wasn’t too bright.
It was too deep.
Stretching forever into everything.
A hole of infinite choices.
I realize now, that I wasn’t looking in.
I was looking out.
And he, on the other side, was looking in.

* * *


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