… This is practically it.


Nope, it isn’t. It all goes generic, and even boringly peaceful until the Club Festival event. As the event approaches, things start to change for the darker and eerier. People fight more, and a certain someone gets depressed out of nowhere. At the end of the said event – no, even though I’m writing this as a spoiler, I won’t spoil everything: you gotta play this on your own! – there comes a point of no return; and after that… that’s when everything you have previously experienced as a cute little slice of life, becomes psychotically dark, uncanny and disturbing. As you keep playing, narrative, characters, environment, timeline… they all begin to get corrupted in one way or the other. If you persist in playing, you will soon discover that this game has a villain. A villain you have to deal with if you wish to save the others. [end spoiler first]

Oh, and as Monika recommends: save frequently!

 …  to draw attention to in this game is:
a)the quality and content of the poetry written by girls; and b)the kind of skill that was put into to portray an AI that is aware of and responding to the player beyond the avatar. It is all fascinatingly creepy. Poems coming from our girls during the first chapter bear deeper meanings and even foreshadowing for the remainder of the game. Especially Monika and Yuri’s poems are spectacular readings for that. When you eventually reach the end of chapter 2, and got stuck with Monika, the amount of monologue she may share with you, and the depth of various topics that she chooses are downright spooky. Also, you’ll need to tamper with the game files if you wish to continue properly, as someone has been doing so far.
[end spoiler second]
As you can see, this is not a common visual novel. It is an interactive horror game that questions the content and nature of sentience.